What to expect

osteopathic back treatmentAn initial visit - which usually last between 45-60 minutes - is the opportunity for the osteopath to take a full history of the presenting symptoms of the patient. So, I will ask you lots of questions about your general health which will help me form a diagnosis.

You will normally be asked to remove some clothing in order to assess the physical structure of the affected area too and you will be asked to perform some simple movements so an assessment can be made of movement, function and pain levels.

Osteopaths use a highly developed sense of touch called palpation in order to assess areas of weakness, tension, tenderness and restriction of movement. We also visually inspect the skin looking for areas of redness and other anomalies. All of these things help me form a diagnosis so that I can then treat you effectively.


Treatments vary for different conditions so your treatment will be specific to you and your presenting problems. In order to provide you with the most effective treatment osteopaths use a variety of manual techniques including:

  • releasing and relaxing muscles
  • stretching stiff joints
  • using gentle massage techniques
  • rhythmic joint movements
  • manipulation techniques of various joints

St Nicolas Park Drive Osteopath Practice

As well as the above you will also be given some general advice that will help you deal with the problem you're having. It may take the form of specific exercises; or working on correct posture and positioning that will help prevent reoccurance of a condition; or general wellbeing and health information.

Most acute problems can be effectively treated with 2 or 3 sessions. More chronic problems may need more.

Even when we've sorted problems out many of my patients still choose to continue to see me every 3 to 6 months for regular checkups and maintenance therapy which helps prevent recurring problems - your own personal MOT, if you will!


Payment is required at the end of a treatment session. I can accept debit/credit card payment.

I can also accept cash or cheque.

Receipts are given

Initial sessions cost £55.00 and subsequent treatments cost £45.00.

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