About Osteopathy

What is it?

antique medical drawing of backOsteopathy is a well established system of diagnosis and treatment that emplahises the link between the structure of the body and how it functions. Osteopaths focus on the body's skeleton and joint function together with the muscles, ligament and soft tissues (altogether known as the musculo-skeletal system).

Osteopaths feel that imbalances in the musculo-skeletal system can lead to adverse effects in the nerves, blood flow and internal organs. This in turn can cause pain, dysfunction and stress in the body.

Osteopathy: a brief history

In 1874 a medical doctor, Andrew Taylor Still, from Missouri, announced to the world the founding of his new medical science - osteopathy.

Disillusioned by medical practice of his time, Taylor Still observed over a period of years that if patients' joints were out of alignment, this adversely affected the nervous and circulatory flows to the tissues. He discovered that by appropriate and effective manipulation of affected joints and muscles, health returned to the 'diseased' part of the body.

His theory - grown out of these observations - was that by restoring the normal structure and function to the body, it would assist the inherent self-healing powers of it. Today's osteopathic knowledge and practice has developed from this theory.

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